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Is there an advantage to Christian living? In order to answer this question we will organize our thoughts around the following five circles of social interaction:

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Picture in your mind a calm pool of water. Now drop a pebble into the middle of that pool. Can you see the rings as they form and circle outward? Those rings are like the realms of social influence that we experience in life. To answer the question, "Is there a Christian advantage?" we will need to examine God's values in each. Let's get started!

Living the Christian Advantage

Okay, so why are you here? Are you here because you believe in the Christian advantage or are you here because you are a skeptic? 

Well either way, know this, I'm glad you came for a visit! 

The advantage of the Christian life is perhaps the most controversial subject in all the world. And, since our culture preaches tolerance toward everything except God's values, it might be considered a pretty bold move to claim there is an advantage to Christian living. But, I think I'm up to the task! 

So what do YOU say? Doubt me? Let's talk.

For over three decades the phrase, "Hey, Brother Sonny!" has been the single most defining line of my ministry. Open discussion, intense Bible research, frank conversation and even a little debate has ensued over my most treasured conclusion - A positive existence is totally dependent upon living the Christian advantage!

Q: What qualifies me to join you in this research? 

A: Nothing fancy. No pious credentials. No philosophical stained-glass windows - just a common man's pursuit of answers! 

I was born in New Jersey, transplanted to Texas, got my first job (McDonalds) in Pennsylvania, started preaching in Missouri, married my best friend in Arkansas, became an author in Illinois and now I'm an online version of "Dear Abby"! It's been a crazy ride, but I bet we have a lot in common. 

Life is our connection. Both of us are blazing a trail through the frontier land of our personal story. At this very moment our trails have crossed. The question we have to ask is this, "What now?" 

Let's not waste this God-given moment! Let's journey together.

This site is dedicated to one simple theme. We've got questions! Let's find answers!

Life Collage

Hey! Mrs. Cindy!

Cindy HomePg

Although Sonny and I work as a team, it is not my nature to be out in front. For that reason, Sonny is often the voice of our work. However, on occasion an issue will arise that is best addressed with a woman's touch. When that happens, I step in. "Hey, Mrs. Cindy!" is a common phrase in my part of the ministry as well.

I firmly believe in the Christian advantage. Should you have questions that are best addressed by a woman, please feel free to connect with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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