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Picture in your mind a calm pool of water. Now drop a pebble into the middle of that pool. Can you see the rings as they form and circle outward? Those rings are like the realms of social influence that we all experience in life. 

Q: Is there an advantage to Christian living? 

In order to pursue answers for this very important question we have organized the information on this website around the following five circles of social interaction: Individual, Family, Church, Community, Country.

The Individual (Personal Growth):

"Can a Christian know for sure they are saved?"

Can the Bible Be Trusted? "Part 1"
                                           "Part 2"
                                           "Part 3"
                                           "Part 4"
                                           "Part 5"
Difficult Doctrines: "Introduction, 2 Timothy 2:15" 
                              "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, Mark 3:20-30"
                              "Predestination, Romans 8 & Ephesians 1"
                              "Head Coverings, 1 Corinthians 11:1-15"
                              "Should Christian Women Teach Baptized Boys? Luke 2:49-52"
                              "Original Sin, Psalm 51:5"
                              "Was Cornelius Saved Before Baptism?"
"Does God still speak beyond the written word?"
"Eternal Security"
"Faithfulness: Characteristic of the Holy Spirit"
"Five Suggestions for Keeping Your Lamp Full of Oil"
"Fruit of the Spirit: How can I know if I'm maturing in Christ?"
"Greatest End Times Witness"
"Is being a good person enough to save me?"
"Is There A God? Biblical Evidence"
"Joy: Characteristic of the Holy Spirit"
"Kindness & Goodness: Characteristics of the Holy Spirit"
"Patience: Characteristic of the Holy Spirit"
"Peace: Characteristic of the Holy Spirit"
"Pickles, The Problem of Sin, and Personal Responsibility"
"What does a person have to do to be saved?"
"What is a Holy Spirit partnership?"
What is Spiritual Warfare?"
What Is Truth?: Part 1 -"The North Star"
                         Part 2 - "The Sacred Origins"
"Why is it important for Christians to be disciplined?"

The Family (Home Life):

"'Cause I Deserve It!"
"Got Water?"
"Greatest New Year's Resolution"
"Home or Hallway?"

"How do I deal with intrusive in-laws?"
"How can family life show us God's realm?"
"How important are the marriage vows to God?"
"If I Only Had a Heart"
"A Kingdom Divided"
"Lost spark in marriage?"

"Precious Memories, Christmas Joy"

"We One!" Marriage Challenge: "Marriage Memo 1"
                                                   "Marriage Memo 2"
"Why is it Important for the man to be the provider?"
"Why is it important for boys to be shown how to become men?"

The Church (Doctrine):

"Are biblical examples binding?"
Blessed Assurance: "1 John 1 Introduction"
                                 "1 John 1:1 Jesus - Word of Life"
                                 "1 John 1:2 Jesus - Eternal Life"
                                 "1 John 1:3 Fellowship With the Father and the Son"
                                 "1 John 1:4 Complete Joy"
                                 "1 John 1:5 God is Light"
                                 "1 John 1:6 Fellowship with Light"
                                 "1 John 1:7 Walk In or Out of the Light"
                                 "1 John 1:8 Formula for Assurance (Part 1): Honesty"
                                 "1 John 1:9 Formula for Assurance (Part 2): Confession"
                                 "1 John 1:10 Formula for Assurance (Part 3): Application"       
                                 "1 John 1 Blessed Assurance Review"
"Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality?"
Evolution of Reformed Theology: "When Calvinism is Applied - Part 1"
                                                      "When Calvinism is Applied - Part 2"
                                                      "When Calvinism is Applied - Part 3"
                                                      "When Calvinism is Applied - Part 4"
Fellowship of the Rings: "Christians Unite! But At What Cost? - Part 1" 
                                        "Christians Unite! But At What Cost? - Part 2"
                                       "Christians Unite! But At What Cost? - Part 3"
Gentle Jesus? Not Always!: "Introduction"
                                             "The Lord of Balance"
                                             "The Abrasive Savior: Religion"
                                             "The Abrasive Savior: Politics"
                                             "The Congenial Christ"
                                             "Keys to Cultural Confrontation"
"How can we identify a true messenger of God?"
"Instrumental Music in Worship"
"Is convenient conversion wrong?"
"Is Law the Problem?"
"It's Time to Act! "1 - Facilitator of Social Ills"
                           "2 - Drain the Swamp"
                           "3 - Doctrine of the Strait Gate"
Keep the Faith! Being an Observer 1:
                                                        2: "Fellowship"
                                                        3: "Worship"
                                                        4: "Evangelism"
Keep the Faith! Being a Follower 1a: "Study"
                                                     1b: "Pray"
                                                     1c: "Meditate"
                                                     2a: "Attendance"
                                                     2b: "Involvement"
                                                     2c: "Belonging"
                                                     3a: "Being Like Him"
                                                     3b: "Being in Awe of Him"
                                                     3c: "Express Feelings for Him"
                                                     4a: "Being a Friend"
                                                     4b: "Being a Witness"
                                                     4c: "Providing a Message"
Keep  the Faith! Being  a Leader  -  "Introduction"
                                                     1: "Self-examination"
                                                     2: "Fellowship"
                                                     3: "Worship"
                                                     4: "Evangelism"
                                                         "Conclusion: Becoming a Complete Christian"
Less Talk, More Action - "Part 1"
                                     - "Part 2"
Predestination - Part 1: "What is the biblical definition of predestination?"
                          Part 2: "Can we impact our own predestination?"
                          Part 3: "How does predestination impact evangelism?"
                          Part 4: "What about Romans 9?"
                          Part 5: "Conclusion"
"Predestination: Romans 9 Abused"

"Questions for Calvin: Testing the T.U.L.I.P. of Calvinism"
Questions for Calvin: Testing the T.U.L.I.P. of Calvinism - "Introduction"
                                                                                           "T is for Total Depravity"
                                                                                           "U is for Unconditional Election"
                                                                                           "L is for Limited Atonement"
                                                                                           "I is for Irresistible Grace"
                                                                                           "P is for Perseverance of the Saints"
Redemption - Part 1: "Redemption's Restoration"
                       Part 2: "Intention"
                       Part 3: "Dimension"
                       Part 4: "Retention"
Thief on the Cross: "Introduction"
                               "Cornelius, Part 1"
                               "Cornelius, Part 2"
                               "Cornelius, Part 3"
To Keep The Faith! Series: "Introduction"
                                           "True Conversion"
                                           "A Surgery at the Hands of Christ"
                                           "A Healing from the Holy Spirit"
                                           "Investment: Taking Ownership of Their Place Within the Church"
                                           "Dependence: Developing Loyalty to the Spiritual Network"
                                           "Expression: Celebrating Reverent, Relevant, Revealing Worship"
"Was water baptism replaced with Holy Spirit baptism?"
"What are the keys to building a growing church?"
"What is the best way to deal with church conflict?"
"When Satan's 'But..." Gets in the Way"
Women Preachers? "Part 1 - Women Preachers?"
                                 "Part 2 - Women Teachers?"

The Community (Evangelism):

"Can a quiet person be evangelistic?"
How do I help my homosexual friend?"
"The Metamorphosis of Grace"
"What are some simple things I can do to show Christ in my community?"

The Country (Social Issues):

"Afraid for My Family"
"Apocalypse Approaching"
Best Thing We Can Do for America is Cleanse the Church!: "Illegal Aliens Among the Church"
                                                                                                "Draining the Swamp"
                                                                                                "Selfish, Spoiled, and Entitled"
                                                                                                "Building a Wall, Part 1"
                                                                                                "Building a Wall, Part 2"
Christians and Politics: Part 1 - "Condemned or Commanded?"
                                     Part 2 - "The Greatest Threat to God's Favor"
                                     Part 3 - "It's Time to A.C.T.!"
Christians Posting Rainbows - "Part 1: How Did We Get Here?"
                                                 "Part 2: What's Next?"
                                                 "Part 3: What Can We Do?"
"Has God removed America's blessing?"
"Impossible Presidency"
Islam Series: Part 1 - "Radical Few or Faithful Minority?"
                      Part 2 - "Barbaric Violence"
                      Part 3 - "Abused Women"
                      Part 4 - "Life-Sucking Legalism"
"Lost Passion for the Lost?"
"Our Weekly Prayer for Nebuchadnezzar"
Preparing for Islam Series: "Introduction"
                                            "How did Islam originate?"
                                            "Do We Worship the Same God?"
                                            "What Does Their Holy Book Teach? (Part 1)"
                                            "What Does Their Holy Book Teach? (Part 2)"
                                            "Why Are They So Violent?"
                                            "How Can We Reach Them With the Gospel? (Part 1)"
                                            "How Can We Reach Them With the Gospel? (Part 2)"
                                            "How Can We Reach Them With the Gospel? (Part 3)"
Solving Cultural Chaos: "Part 1"
                                      "Part 2a"
                                      "Part 2b"
                                      "Part 2c"
                                      "Part 2d"
                                      "Part 3"
"What is wrong with this generation?"
"Why is Islam growing?"

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