The Gentle Jesus? Not Always! Seminar


Lesson 1

The Lord of Balance 

(Colossians 1:16-17)

Lesson 2

The Abrasive Savior - Religion 

(Matthew 23:15)

Lesson 3

The Abrasive Savior - Politics

(Mark 8:15)

Lesson 4

Keys to Cultural Confrontation

(Matthew 28:18-20)

Cost: There are no set fees for this seminar. All we ask is a gift to help offset expenses and housing when applicable.
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The Gentle Jesus? Not Always!

For far too long, Christianity has been dominated by an unbalanced view of the God/man, Jesus. The false doctrines of a mild-mannered Messiah offering grace without responsibility has captivated our entitlement culture and has gutted the church of her resolve.

As the dark clouds of religious persecution gather, it is imperative that Christians know the complete nature of the Lion of Judah. Not only did Jesus express himself openly on the topics of politics and religion, He occasionally went so far as to bait His listeners into life-changing debate. The gentle Jesus? Not always!

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