What are some simple things I can do to show Christ in my community? 

Christ in my community

1. Say “God Bless” instead of “goodbye” when you finish a conversation. 

2. Skip a convenience like a snack, coffee, buying new shoes, getting a manicure, coffee etc., and give the money you save to a charity. (Example: Use the money to buy gift cards and hand them out to people in need.)

3. Fill out all suggestion cards at restaurants and other places of business. Be sure to sign it with some reference to God. (Example: “I am praying that God will give you a big blessing today. - A very thankful Christian!”) Then take time to really pray for a blessing.

4. Be the best employee. Never waste time. Take initiative. Be resourceful. (Example: Make it your job to empty everyone’s waste basket.)

5. Watch your body language. Focus on becoming a walking billboard that advertises the Christian advantage. (Example: A smile is the most powerful, underused facial expression a Christian has. Use it!

6. Be content and talk about it. (Example: Brag on your spouse in front of your co-workers.)

7. Use gentle speech. (Example: Learn to control a conversation by intentionally responding in a calm, quiet volume.)

8. Experiment with random acts of kindness. (Example: Remove shopping carts from parking spaces and take them into the store with you.)

9. Pass along good news. (Example: Clip newspaper articles and mail them as encouragement.) 

10. Wear Christian t-shirts with an enticing message. (Example: Have a t-shirt printed that says, “I love my wife!”)

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