Faithfulness: Characteristic of the Holy Spirit 

Kindness & Goodness: Characteristics of the Holy Spirit

The quality of faithfulness mentioned here is far more than just punctuality or casual loyalty. Faithfulness is being consistently dependable. It is a quality of character that is worthy of the trust and reliance of others.

The world selfishly pursues its own goals. Worldly faithfulness tends to come only when two people are already going in the same direction. It is a by-product of common circumstances rather than a relational foundation born of a chosen commitment.

Someone has noted that “tough love” is the choice to love even when it is unpleasant. Similarly, faithfulness is the choice to be reliable even when circumstances are not convenient. Only through an ongoing partnership with the Holy Spirit can this type of Divine dependability be developed and maintained. A living witness to the power of the Holy Spirit (Faithfulness) may be the only way your friends will ever find a Divine anchor in the storms of life. Time is short. Live like their tomorrow depends upon you!

In Greek, the word for faithfulness is pistes. It means reliably trustworthy. Can you be trusted to be reliable?

"Tip Clip" Instructions:

The "Tip Clip" is simply a clothespin used to jog your memory. Place your "Tip Clip" in a spot that will give you daily reminders to work on the Holy Spirit characteristic of Patience. (Examples: Carry it in your pocket, attach it to the computer monitor, or hook it to your favorite coffee mug.) Use the tips below to help you grow in this area.

Tip: Make a list of unfinished jobs and finish them.

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