"We One!" Marriage Challenge

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As busy schedules continue to threaten the American home, I've decided to focus on material from my new PDF book entitled, "We One!, 30 Inspirational Readings to Help You Create a Better Marriage." (To receive a free copy of this PDF book, please visit sonnychilds.com.)

"We One!" is divided into three parts. The first section, "Marriage Memo," focuses on various suggestions about communication, money matters, and romance. The second section, "Marital Blissters," highlights some of the most common stresses disrupting marital bliss. The last section, "God Glue," journeys through a study of Genesis 2 and the original instructions from God Himself. 

We will focus two web pages from each of these sections. I would like to challenge you to use these inspirational readings as a way to bring stability to your marriage. 

Here's your first installment.

1. Marriage Memo

The sign on the back of the newlywed's car read, "We one!"

Do you feel so close to your spouse that it's almost like you are the same person? Is your relationship so special that it makes you feel like a winner? Never stop working to be one!

The phrase "one flesh" (Genesis 2:24, NIV) means far more than just sexual unity. 

1. "One flesh" also implies cooperation. Think of marriage as a three-legged race. Only through open communication, organized effort and submissive agreement can two people become one. 

2. "One flesh" also implies wholeness. Both men and women are created in God's image. Consequently, it is only when the qualities of both genders are combined that the full image of God can best be seen.

2. Marriage Memo

Spice it up!

Surprise your spouse with a not-so-anonymous gift that communicates your love. Don't sign it, mark it, or send it with a friend. Find a special way to say it's from you.

Suggestion: Tape a love note to your spouse's cell phone.

Love notes do more than express love; they also indicate a priority. Every time you write or read a love note from your spouse, remember, they took time away from something else to write it and make sure you got it. Celebrate the priority!

3. Marriage Memo

Money Matters

 Debt robs you of peace and enslaves you to others. In order to be released from this oppression, you must not expect instant solutions (Ex: winning the lottery). Take small incremental steps that allow you to develop self-discipline along the way. Small steps lead to lasting life-skills.

Think of debt reduction as an adventure. Set goals and rewards for meeting those goals. Chart your progress and establish rules to keep you from ever returning to that condition.

4. Marriage Memo

If you want a marriage made in Heaven, Heaven is where your marriage must be made. Think of a triangle. Picture Christ at the top with the husband and wife at the bottom corners. If both the husband and the wife move toward Christ, they will also move closer to each other. Focus on Christ and He will give you a heavenly bonding. 

Suggestion: Balance is essential to the "one flesh" relationship. Be sure to prioritize God above all else and move together as you mature in Him. To do this, remember to read the Bible TOGETHER, discuss it TOGETHER, pray TOGETHER, go to church TOGETHER. Make a regular, uncompromised habit of doing these things and you will grow TOGETHER!

5. Marriage Memo

Money Matters

Experts say that conflict over money is a leading cause of divorce.

Suggestion: Never think of it as his money or her money. Separate accounts often lead to separate lives. Be one flesh. Have one budget. Don't allow Satan to use materialism to separate you.

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