Keep the Faith! Being an Observer 2

Keep the Faith! Part 2: Fellowship

“I’m in right, out right, up right, down right, happy all the time...”

Do you remember singing that song as a child? Do you remember the smiles and the hand motions it prompted? In this study, we are using those words to provide memory hooks on which we can hang the steps needed to bring about greater loyalty to the church and involvement in her work.

Last time we examined the importance of self-examination. If you haven't already read that section, I would encourage you to do so and take the personal assessment survey before continuing on.

In this study we want to emphasize the essential importance of fellowship.

Reaching Out (Fellowship)

The minister was preaching about the need for greater love and fellowship within the church. To punctuate this point, he concluded the sermon by saying, “Everyone turn to the person beside you and say, ‘I love you.’”

As one woman turned to her right, she saw a distinguished older gentleman smiling reluctantly at her.  Following a moment of awkward silence, he said, “Wanna just be friends?”

Although fellowship is an essential part of spiritual growth, the warm, fuzzy family emotions that are connected with fellowship do not come automatically. Fellowship is a process similar to marriage. Only after much time has been spent together can all of the benefits of fellowship be truly experienced. 

Personal Assessment

If you were to take a survey of your church family, what would be the typical definition they would give for the word fellowship?

Write three essential parts of church fellowship. Does the definition above include these elements?

List three benefits to fellowship.

List five ways that your church family fellowships.

List three things that your congregation could do better to promote fellowship.

In every congregation there is a nucleus of people who are most involved in fellowship. Make a list of these names and then make a list of the things they have in common.

What would it take for you to be part of this nucleus?

What could this group do to be more inclusive?

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Keep the Faith! Being an Observer 1: Self-examination

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Keep the Faith! Being a Follower 1a: Study
                                                     1b: Pray
                                                     1c: Meditate
                                                     2a: Attendance
                                                     2b: Involvement
                                                     2c: Belonging
                                                     3a: Being Like Him
                                                     3b: Being in Awe of Him
                                                     3c: Express Feelings for Him
                                                     4a: Being a Friend
                                                     4b: Being a Witness
                                                     4c: Providing a Message
Keep  the Faith! Being  a Leader  -  Introduction
                                                     1: Self-examination
                                                     2. Fellowship
                                                     3: Worship
                                                     4: Evangelism
                                                         Conclusion: Becoming a Complete Christian

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