Keep the Faith! Being an Observer 4

Keep the Faith! Part 4: Evangelism

The Gospel call is not a prepackaged sales pitch. It is a joyful burden that compels us to sympathize with the lost and coax them into the arms of the Savior. In order to keep the faith, it is essential that we understand the sobering responsibility of our prime directive - "...go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:29-20, NIV) Thus far we have examined the importance of self-examination fellowship and worship. If you haven't already read those sections, I would encourage you to do so and take the personal assessment surveys before continuing on.

Personal Assessment Surveys:

Keep the Faith! Part 1: Self-examination
                         Part 2: Fellowship
                         Part 3: Worship

Reaching Down (Evangelism)

While sitting in a rowboat, the little boy asked, "Grandpa, do you have any more of those plastic bobber things?" "Why?" asked the gray-haired man. "Because mine keeps sinking." 

Jesus once said that those who followed Him would become fishers of men. Unfortunately, like the little boy in the story above, too many of God's fishermen do not know how to fish very well. 

Below, you will find several leading questions to help you observe and learn about your congregation's approach to evangelism. Take time to make a critical assessment of this important part of your world.  It is an essential step along the path of your spiritual journey. 

Personal Assessment

Make a list of five things your congregation does to evangelize the community. With which of these things could you help? 

Make a list of three areas of the community your congregation is not reaching. Beside each, explain what would need to happen for this outreach to be fruitful. 

What did your congregation do to reach you? Describe the effect these things had on you and how they could be applied to others. 

List three things that make your congregation appealing to the lost. 

List three things that might make your congregation unappealing to the lost. 

Make a list of the three most evangelistic people in your church family. Beside each name, write the characteristics that make them good soul winners.

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                                                        2: Fellowship
                                                        3: Worship

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                                                     1c: Meditate
                                                     2a: Attendance
                                                     2b: Involvement
                                                     2c: Belonging
                                                     3a: Being Like Him
                                                     3b: Being in Awe of Him
                                                     3c: Express Feelings for Him
                                                     4a: Being a Friend
                                                     4b: Being a Witness
                                                     4c: Providing a Message
Keep  the Faith! Being  a Leader  -  Introduction
                                                     1: Self-examination
                                                     2. Fellowship
                                                     3: Worship
                                                     4: Evangelism
                                                         Conclusion: Becoming a Complete Christian

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