How Can We Reach Them With the Gospel?
Part Two

Preparing for Islam: How Can We Reach Them With the Gospel?


To help you remember three essential areas for reaching a Muslim, we will use the abbreviation A.T.M. (Authority, Testimony, Messiah).

T is for Testimony

One of the most often asked questions about the Islamic faith is this, “Why are Muslims multiplying?” Until Christians come to grips with the answer to this question and exemplify a superior quality of life, our testimony will fall on deaf ears.

Muslims multiply for three reasons:

1. They are Passionate - The Muslim passion runs so deep that Palestinian young people will stand in line to volunteer to strap explosives to their waist and blow themselves up in a crowded Jewish assembly. Yet, in America, many Christian churches cannot even get their young people to attend mid-week services, let alone die for the cause of Christ.

Imagine the cooperative passion it took, on September 11, 2001, to get 19 Muslim hijackers on 4 different planes to all commit suicide within hours of each other and, yet, do so voluntarily. Most Christian churches in America could not get 19 different men in a single air-conditioned office to agree on the color of the carpet, let alone volunteer to die for the cause of Christ.

Muslims are multiplying because they are passionately committed to what they believe. Until Christianity equals that passion, we will continue to lose ground to Islam.

2. They are Parental - Islam is the fastest growing religion in America today, because Muslims believe in parenting. Followers of Muhammad move in and take over an area through conversions, immigration, and high Muslim birthrates. W.L. Cati, an American woman who married a Muslim man, provided this sobering revelation in her book entitled, “Married to Mohammed.” She says that, in a conversation with her husband, she once asked him why he and his two brothers came to America and married Christian women. He replied that if America cannot be taken by force then Muslims are content to be patient and take it by marriage.

Three Reasons Muslims Multiply

  1. They Are Passionate
  2. They Are Parental
  3. They Are Proud

Imagine what would happen if America’s Christians would return to a love of large families. Imagine the results of Christian parents raising their own children rather than paying others to do the job for them.

3. They are Proud - Muslim parents take great pride in raising children who are completely dedicated to the cause of Muhammad. Their hearts are especially full of pride when one of their own dies in the fight to bring Islam to the world.

Shortly after a young suicide bomber killed himself and 21 Jewish teenagers at a disco in Tel Aviv, the following quote from his proud Muslim father made headlines, “I am very happy and proud of what my son did and, frankly, I am a bit jealous. I wish I had done the bombing. My son has fulfilled the Prophet’s [Mohammed’s] wishes. He has become a hero! Tell me, what more could a father ask? My prayer is that Saeed’s brothers, friends and fellow Palestinians will sacrifice their lives too. There is no better way to show God you love him.” (USA TODAY, 6/26/01)

What would happen if America’s Christian men were as proud of their sons when they put on Christ Jesus in baptism as Muslim fathers are of their sons when they put on explosive devices out of hatred?

Muslims are multiplying because they are passionate, they are parental, and they are proud of the children they raise in the service of Allah. Until Christians can match their level of passion, equal their love for parenting, and surpass their pride for dedicated children, the clouds of darkness will continue to gather around the Christian community.

Our testimony is essential when attempting to reach our Muslim friends with the Gospel. Once the authority has been established, a living illustration of its effectiveness comes next. Live the Christian advantage. Make it real!

In part three, we will look at the most essential element of God's A.T.M. - The Messiah.

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